Carmine County started with the idea to promote quality food ingredients which are sourced direct from origin, which initially included Saffron from Kashmir, Vanilla from Madagascar, Cardamom from Kerala, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and so on. The basic idea was to bring farm produce directly from farmers to the people so that it was unadulterated and no chemicals or preservatives could be added to the ingredients which is the USP of the brand. After getting a good response on the food ingredients, we took a major step and ventured into manufacturing natural extracts which are mostly used in the culinary industry. We were already getting the finest ingredients of the world and bringing them to people, making liquid extracts from those same ingredients and adding it to our portfolio broadened our focus and goal area. We go to great lengths to give our customers 100% satisfaction which we believe is essential in any business. We genuinely believe in authenticity and purity so our products come unmatched when it comes to quality.